Now available online

It's been three amazing years since we started growing our community in the USA and after listening to all of you, we have now made our bikes available to purchase online!

So when you're ready, have a look around our site and if you see a bike you like, then you can now have it shipped to your closest bike store or straight to your door. It's never been easier to join the Reid community in the USA.

What people are saying...

Ladies Classic Lite @lioninthewild

After talking endlessly about how amazing it would be to reignite my childhood love for cruising around on bikes, I finally ordered a of seriously cool bike from. The Ladies Classic Lite in Aqua is going to be one of my favourite companions throughout spring and beyond.

City Pulse eBike @stevetillystyle

Who says you can’t wear a suit and ride a bike to work? The City Pulse makes riding so easy. When you pedal the motor kicks increasing the speed easily which means you can wear your work gear while riding to work and not bring up a big sweat.

Zeus - @weareexplorers

The Zeus’ extra large tires provided optimal grip to the sand, allowing us to power through conditions that might cause a less endowed bike to swerve and lose control. Fat bikes are adventure steeds that allow you to explore a vast array of landscapes inexciting new ways.